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LED Street Light Housing Comprehensive Advantages
Jun 15, 2017

  LED Street Light Housing comprehensive advantages

  You now use the LED Street Light Housing goods waterproof how? On the waterproofing of goods, the main thing is to look at the goods you choose the situation, LED goods waterproof there is a level of need, IP index, LED Street Light Housing waterproof capacity is known around the world, the index is mainly refers to the goods waterproof The degree of dust. In general, the higher the level, the higher the degree of water resistance.

  We often talked about the water resistance, not just for the rain, the current stage of the goods are usually used in the waterproof irrigation and apron, but by the time to change the impact of thermal expansion and contraction, the formation of a simple break, LED street lamp integrated product The quality of the most practical, can control the maturity of the quality and performance of the core.

  LED Street Light Housing type KG-03-02A; width 58mm, height 60mmLED Street Light Housing installation power up to 12W-36W, put aluminum plate 31mm, power built-in, good heat dissipation, glue waterproof coefficient up to IP7, LED Street Light Housing The advantages of integration can make it the biggest development!

  LED Street Light Housing low energy consumption, waterproof and anti-leakage performance, long life, easy installation, is widely used in bridge lighting, square lighting, entertainment lighting, municipal engineering lighting and building wall lighting and other areas, For mold customization.