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LED Street Light Housing Car Aluminum And Die-casting Aluminum Difference
Jul 24, 2017

  LED Street Light Housing car aluminum and die-casting aluminum Difference

  LED Street Light s will gradually replace the incandescent lamp, even the current general energy-saving lamps, in order to solve the LED Street Light cooling problem, the basic choice of aluminum shell, is now on the market all kinds of styles of LED Street Light aluminum shell style in endlessly, but basically, through the following two of

  First die-casting aluminum casing

  Die-casting LED Street Light s aluminum shell generally used zinc aluminum, its conductivity of about 80-90w/m. K, a lot of 1-3w small power spotlights basically adopt this process. LED Street Light Housing Its advantages are low production costs, rapid production, but the heat dissipation.

  The second kind of NC lathe processing aluminum casing referred to as car aluminum

  LED Street Light car aluminum shell General selection of aluminum alloy 6063-t5, its thermal conductivity of about 180-190w/m. K, high-power LED Street Light shell are used this process, LED Street Light Housing the car aluminum can be more exquisite, thickness is easy to control, so that the surface area will be increased, enhance the heat dissipation effect, its advantages of heat dissipation is significantly better than die-casting, LED Street Light Housing but the production speed is slow, the cost is much higher than die-casting