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LED Package Using Common Elements Brief
Aug 15, 2016

A, LED pin forming method

1. Required from colloidal 2 mm caliber bend bracket.

2. stenting is necessary to end by professionals or jig.

3. stenting is necessary to end before welding.

4. stenting need to ensure that the distance between the pin and the circuit board together.

Second, the LED curved legs and cut foot note

Because planning needs curved legs and cut feet, when the LED cut legs and feet were bent, curved legs and feet cut from the orientation of the bottom surface of the colloidal greater than 3mm.

Curved legs should be carried out prior to welding.

When using the LED light plug, pcb board feet from the hole distance and the LED to correspond.

Since the cut legs cut foot oscillation friction generated when the high-voltage static electricity, so the machine firmly to the ground, good anti-static work (can be blown ion fan to eliminate static electricity).