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LED Flood Light Housing Coefficient Of Use
Sep 29, 2017

High-power LED with the use of the body and LED light bulb radiator function, the field lighting LED light is the use of the most extensive high-power LED lamps in the field lighting projects used in the light can be called the necessary field lighting, field lighting is the most important function, there are all kinds of humid environment, IP65 waterproof grade will be suitable for the outdoor lighting needs of this environment. For example: City landmark, Villa Courtyard, city Museum, furnishings exhibits, City Sports Arena, City Central Plaza, Fishery dock, pavilions, flowers and trees, Municipal park, Path point to the Hall Bridge project.

The length of the LED spotlights at that time is by the resolution of many elements, in this period the most important element is by high-power LED light bulb radiator function of the good or bad, generally concluded that high-power led spotlights heat dissipation function is bad or not the light will affect the size. Hub word high-power LED projection light enclosure housing heat dissipation skills and heat transfer are: conduction, convection, radiation. Also demand from the third party always first from the use of heat, we can analyze transient and steady-state analysis accounting.

High-Power LED projection light Enclosure heat dissipation: The rear shell is the primary conduction and convection cooling living space, and radiation heat lamps also need to ponder. LED lighting more selection of high-power LED lamp beads. High current trade use LED lights are only 15% 30%, and most of the remaining energy is converted to heat.

If the heat energy is not efficient to banish electricity, the result will be very grim, so high-power LED's age of the pan-light effect can be imagined, the temperature will continue to affect high-power LED light emitting power high, triggering wave red shift, cast and other entry, as equipment aging will also cause poor representation, Leading high-power LED light lamp, the age of significant decline, according to the law of Porto Vilnius, cast light shell working temperature drop 10 ℃, high-power led projection light will extend the expected use of twice times.