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Development prospects of LED cabinet lamps
Aug 15, 2016

Content and form of LED cabinet lighting design is mainly light, new light source LED lighting design and development to promote innovation gradually, largely changed the traditional concept of the lighting, so that we from the traditional point, line source limitations of liberation can free to play and to re-establish the language and concepts of lighting design, lighting depends on the creative performance / perception and morphology have greater flexibility in space, room lighting to more energy-efficient, health-oriented artistic and humane direction.

(1) energy-saving. LED is a cold light source with incandescent, fluorescent compared to its energy-saving efficiency can reach 80%. In the same brightness, the power consumption of only ordinary incandescent and fluorescent lamps Night%. If using LED to replace 50% of traditional lighting, the annual saving of electricity is equivalent to a total generating capacity of the Three Gorges power plant, its energy-saving benefits are substantial.